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Jericoacoara nightlife

Jericoacoara' nightlife is a relaxed one. People come together and watch the sunset and capoeira and if there's enough energy left, after a very long day on the water, join the partypeople in the numerous local beachbars and nightclubs, which are open until the early hours of the next morning. Try to dance the Forro, a very intimate dance that's shared with someone you like or end up with. It's one big party family. Almost all the bars are on the main street or beach under the stars. Start you're evening with one of the local cocktails: Caipirinha (cachaca with lime), Caipifruta (Cachaca(liquor made from sugar) with one of the tropical fruits), Caipirosca (vodka with lime), Roscas (vodka with one of the tropical fruits) and Capeta (Guarana and cachaca cocktail). Beach parties are organized regularly.

A part of the main street in Jericoacoara

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